What Amy Alexandra Wants To Do With Liam!

Amy Alexandra Big BrotherAmy Alexandra - we had nude photos of her yesterday - has been interviewed by the Daily Star following her eviction from the Big Brother house.

The headline of the Amy Alexandra interview was: 'BIG boy Liam gets me hot'.

According to the story Amy reckons she has plans to whisk 'hunky' Liam McGough off to a hotel room for nookie as soon as he leaves the house. She said, "We had a great time in the house but I want to finish what we started."

So what did they start? This is how Amy Alexandra says they got on, "It was so hard because we would be kissing and cuddling and then it would all get a bit heated and we would force ourselves to stop."

She continued, "I could tell that Liam is no novice and knows what he was doing. His hands would wander up to my breasts and he would start feeling them and he kept pushing his willy into my thigh. It was obvious that we both wanted to go all the way."

Amy insists though that she is not a tart: "Because of my job people get the wrong idea about me. Yes I do like sex but most people do. I have only slept with 11 guys."

Perhaps you should have stayed awake Amy!

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