Chanelle Hayes Leaves But No Place For Amy Alexandra

Chanelle HayesIt's all been happening in the UK Big Brother house. Chanelle Hayes walked out last night blaming it all on Ziggy Lichman. The twins were in tears. And then two new housemates entered the main house. They were David Hamilton-Parnaby and Kara-Louise Horne - a lot of hyphens there!

Amy AlexandraSurprisingly there was no room for the media favourite 21 year old Amy Alexandra, photo left, and her 30DD boobs. And also Shanessa Reilly wasn't wanted despite all of her efforts of doing a topless lap dance - mind you she did look a bit rough.

But that's not all. Then Ziggy Lichman was evicted to the Half Way House.

Let's face it the BB house did need a shake up and the Chanelle / Ziggy 'romance' became a bore. Wouldn't be surprised if Amy Alexandra still made it into the house - a glamour model makes good TV.

Kara-Louise Horne Photo
Kara-Louise Horne


Janet's Sexy Dressing Makes Janet Nelson News

After the goings on with Myrna Bushell, the Liberal councillor, we now have Janet Nelson, devout churchgoer for 30 years, and someone who sat on the church parochial council.

Janet Nelson's secret is now out. She has been running an X-rated website called Janet's Sexy Dressing. It's now been closed down but our contacts have traced a remaining photo of Janet - click here to view - her photo is top right (at the time of publishing this).

Janet Nelson's website was discovered by one of the church parishioners (obviously on a spiritual mission at the time) who then told the vicar at St.Mary's Church, Ross-on-Wye all about it. Mrs. Nelson, 52, and her husband Nick Nelson have been asked to stand down from all parish groups. They are still, however, welcome at the Church

Today it might be kinky stuff but last year the couple were photographed during a fund raising pilgrimage to Canterbury. It's a funny old world.


Amy Alexandra Topless!

The real buzz is the UK Big Brother house is about waiting to see the newbie, Amy Alexandra, topless or in the nude.

Amy Alexandra is 21 and a glamour model from Lincolnshire. She's usually a blonde but has gone brunette for the Big Brother experience. Her best feature, she says, are her 30DD boobs. Her real name is Amy Ward.

Amy is also a bit presenter on Television X, loves horse riding and her dog.

She's on BB, "To make a name for myself, plus a lot of money." Can't think of any other reason why anyone would want to go on the show otherwise.

Okay, so here's Amy Alexandra topless - from her blonde days before Big brother.

Amy Alexandra topless


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I'm now at week 42 of my Money Making Mission. The aim being to try and earn money, using only free blogs and without any capital outlay.

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Councillor Myrna Bushell Is Also A Stripper!

Such goings on in rural Devon, England. The local Liberal Democrat councillor, Myrna Bushell, does a bit of extra work on the side. The married councillor, when using her professional name of Jessica, will also do a strip show for £160 ($320), a kissogram for £86 ($170) and a (full) stripogram for £125 ($250).

The other councillors have got their knickers in a twist about Myrna Bushell, so much so that three of them have walked out. Well, what they are going to do is now sit as Independents. In a statement they said, "It is with greatest regret that we have decided to resign as members of the Liberal Democrat Party."

Myrna Bushell says, "I've got to earn a living somehow. The reason I do it is to pay my bills and be able to spend quality time with my family."

If you want to book Myrna, sorry Jessica, take a look here at her webpage.


Chanelle Hayes Cracking Up and Celebrities On Blog

Chanelle Hayes bikiniThe Daily Star newspaper today reports that Chanelle Hayes may be pulled out of the UK Big Brother house over 'fears that she is cracking up.'

Chanelle Hayes has begged BB bosses to take her off the show. She has sobbed, "I want to go home - I just cant stand it any more. Charley is making my life hell."

Of course, it could all be a tactic by Chanelle. And with Charley Uchea probably on her way out tomorrow Chanelle will be a happy bunny.

Kate Rowing
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Beyonce Tumbles & Celebrities On Blog

beyonce knowlesBeyonce Knowles took a tumble while performing and went head first down some stairs. She acted like a true professional though and got to her feet quickly and continued with the show.

The amateur video below, of the Beyonce Knowles incident, isn't too good but it does show her fall.

Kate Has A Princess
Katie Price, ex Jordan, and Peter Andre have announced the name of their baby, at long last, expect the price had to be right. Anyway, it's Princess Tiaamii. So there you ago. The second part is seemingly pronounced tee-ah-me. Peter reckons ...
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Arrested Again
Oh dear. Lindsay Lohan has been arrested yet again. This is only five days after her last arrest. This time she was done for five charges including drunken driving and being in possession of a controlled substance. Photo from the Santa Monica Police Department.

The police found Linsday Lohan ...
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Jeremy Blake Missing
Police have been searching the sea around Rockaway Beach for Jeremy Blake an American painter and video artist.

It is believed Jeremy Blake went into the ocean, to take his own life, a week after his girlfriend, Theresa Duncan, committed suicide ...
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El Jueves Cartoon Banned!
You've got to laugh! If not at the cartoon at least with Spanish censorship.

A Spanish judge has ruled that an issue of the satirical magazine el jueves should in effect be banned.

Why was "el jueves' banished from the shelves? All because ...
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Mindy McCready Arrested
Mindy McCready, has now been released from the Lee County Jail following her arrest in the early hours of Saturday morning. Mindy McCready was booked on charges of battery and obstruction of justice.

Mindy's full name is ...
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