Chanelle Hayes Cracking Up and Celebrities On Blog

Chanelle Hayes bikiniThe Daily Star newspaper today reports that Chanelle Hayes may be pulled out of the UK Big Brother house over 'fears that she is cracking up.'

Chanelle Hayes has begged BB bosses to take her off the show. She has sobbed, "I want to go home - I just cant stand it any more. Charley is making my life hell."

Of course, it could all be a tactic by Chanelle. And with Charley Uchea probably on her way out tomorrow Chanelle will be a happy bunny.

Kate Rowing
Kate Middleton, very good friend of Prince William, takes to the River Thames like a duck to water. Kate Middleton is part of a 21 member crew of women who will take on the men in a race to France. The race is to raise money for the Babes In Arms charity. The female group are known as the ...
Kate Middleton Rowing With The Sisterhood.

Keith Is In The Money
London literary agent, Ed Victor, has been auctioning the English language rights to the life story of Keith Richards, founder member of the Rolling Stones, in New York. It is believed the bidding is now up to $7.3 million! Mind you after a life of sex, drugs and rock and roll it should be ...
Keith Richards Selling His Story

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