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beyonce knowlesBeyonce Knowles took a tumble while performing and went head first down some stairs. She acted like a true professional though and got to her feet quickly and continued with the show.

The amateur video below, of the Beyonce Knowles incident, isn't too good but it does show her fall.

Kate Has A Princess
Katie Price, ex Jordan, and Peter Andre have announced the name of their baby, at long last, expect the price had to be right. Anyway, it's Princess Tiaamii. So there you ago. The second part is seemingly pronounced tee-ah-me. Peter reckons ...
Quick Celebrity Snippits

Angels And The Princess
Princess Martha Louise of Norway has said that she wants to help people to talk to angels. She's even got her own website, Astarte Education, with the info. Unfortunately it's in the Norwegian language only. Princess Martha Louise, 35, is the daughter of ...
Princess Martha Louise Talks To Angels

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