Brian Belo Gets It All With Cosmic Ordering

Brian Belo said last night on Big Brother that his success on the show was because of Noel Edmonds and Cosmic Ordering.

Cosmic Ordering is a system whereby you ask the 'Universe' for what you want and your wishes then come true.

This has been adapted for the Internet on a blog called eCosmic . It gives full instructions of what to do to get the things that you want from life (no catch - nothing to pay). See what you think. Who knows perhaps you will be on the next Big Brother!

Brian Belo says he asked the Universe for three things ...

(1) To have a great adventure
(2) To meet a great girl
(3) To get a job

... and they have all come true!

Tonight is the final of the UK Big Brother with Amanda and Sam Marchant hot favourites to win with Brian, perhaps, in second place.


Kelly Simpson Nude

In view of the interest in yesterday's post Kelly Simpson Turns Dannii Minogue On we thought we would give you photos of Kelly Simpson today - including Kelly Simpson nude.

Kelly Simpson
Kelly Simpson
Kelly Simpson Nude
Kelly Simpson Nude

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Kelly Simpson Turns Dannii Minogue On

Below is a photo of Kelly Simpson the lap dancer who supposedly turned on Dannii Minogue. Kelly is a Welsh model who 'met' Dannii Minogue at The Number 10s Club in Cardiff.

Kelly Simpson Photo
Kelly Simpson
Dannii Minogue paid Kelly Simpson £30 to do a lap dance for her. Kelly said, "It was the first time I'd ever lap danced for a woman, let alone a celebrity. She couldn't keep her eyes off me all night. I think it was a major turn on for both of us."

Kelly described her dance: "As I started she ran her eyes up and down my body all the time. I could see she was enjoying this so then I started to take my top off and expose my boobs."

"There is a club rule that you must not show your bottom half naked but I was able to twist and tease my thong suggestively. She liked that."

Dannii allegedly said to Kelly, "I think you are stunning."

Kelly Simpson is now a model and is will also be seen on television in the reality show Ladette to Lady.

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Wanda Nara And Her Naughty Video

Hot news on the Internet is Wanda Nara and her video.

Wanda is an Argentina beauty and a skater who had an affair with Rodrigo Prieto, the present fiancè of Jésica Cirio - bad blood developed!

The controversial video 'Pete de Wanda Nara' has now been withdrawn from YouTube, though we have another below which, isn't quite so hot. It shows though why Wanda Nara is getting lots of attention!

The original video was a sex video taken by illicit means - but it can be seen here at the time of publishing this post. Warning: Explicit - Strictly for over 18's only.

Wanda Nara video

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Dannii Minogue Lesbian Video

Dannii Minogue lesbian lapdanceFollowing the lesbian photos of Dannii Minogue doing the rounds a video of her performing Everlasting Night has been removed from YouTube.

dannii minogue lesbian embraceThe song was the official Australian Mardi Gras anthem from 1999 when Dannii Minogue was showing her support to gays and lesbians. On the video she was seen kissing another woman.

Unfortunately, therefore we can't show you this video. Instead here is a sexy version of her writhing to I Can't Sleep At Night. The hazy photos of Dannii are from CCTV stills previously mentioned here, showing her at the Puss In Boots Club.


Dannii Minogue Lesbian Photos

Dannii MinogueIn a way this is old news but it has resurfaced again. The news being about Dannii Minogue's alleged lesbian romp with a pole dancer named Jupiter.

The action was caught on CCTV at the London club Puss In Boots. Following this first coming to light Dannii's lawyer agreed a settlement for her to own the copyright.

However since Dannii Minogue appeared on the UK X Factor show as one of the four judges she is big news again. Out of the woodwork and on to the Internet have come black and white photos of Dannii and Jupiter in various clinches and kissing.

Below is one of the more respectable Dannii Minogue photos:

Dannii Minogue lesbian photo
As you will see the quality is poor as the photos were taken as stills from the CCTV recording. There is no getting away from it: If celebs want to do naughty things they must make sure there are no cameras about!

When these Dannii photos first come to light another punter at the club is quoted as saying, "Dannii was having the time of her life and didn't care who saw. She wasn't in a private booth or the VIP area, she was on the dance floor. I can't believe how far they went. It was more like a porn film. There were hands and tongues everywhere-I thought it was going to turn into a full-on orgy."

There is talk that this may affect Dannii's appearance on the X Factor. The reality is, of course, that this is good publicity!

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The Saucy Amy Alexandra Source

As there is still so much interest in Amy Alexandra here are a few posts about her. Some contain photos of Amy Alexandra topless or nude. They are in date order from when Amy entered the Big Brother house. Newest posts first.

Charley Uchea Fibs While Amy Alexandra Goes Topless

What Amy Alexandra Wants To Do With Liam

Amy Alexandra Naked And Evicted From Big Brother Nude Photos

Amy Alexandra Latest Big Brother Photos

Amy Alexandra Will Run Naked And Have Sex

Chanelle Hayes - Could She Return If Amy Alexandra Evicted? Topless Photo

Amy Alexandra Topless Photos Topless Photos

Shanessa Evicted But Now We Have Amy Alexandra Topless Topless Photo

Amy Alexandra And Her Bikini Move Into Main BB House Bikini Photos

Amy Alexandra Sunbathing In Bikini Bikini Photo

Amy Alexandra Topless Topless Photo

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Vanessa Minnillo Nude Photos

Remember a while back there was Internet gossip about nude photos taken of Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey? Well again they have surfaced ... and here they are, though it does make you wonder what all of the fuss was about.

So here is what is alleged to be Vanessa Minnillo nude and also with Nick Lahey.

Vanessa Minnillo nude
Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lahey
Yes, that's them, or at least is said to be them. Here's a much nicer photo of the couple.

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lahey
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Ziggy Had Sex With Chanelle (Allegedly!)

Chanelle Hayes LingerieSo who do you believe? Ziggy or Chanelle Hayes?

Ziggy Lichman has now told Liam that he and Chanelle did have sex in the Big Brother house.

Liam asked, "I don't understand how you could. How could you?"

Ziggy answered, "Under (the covers) .. One night I couldn't stop."

Chanelle Hayes, however, still insists that they didn't have full sex and only admits to 'heavy petting.'

"We tried hard to control things," she said.

I think the money is on Chanelle's version of events.

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Lindsay Lohan
Further to our post Lindsay Lohan Arrested Yet Again on July 24th, it looks like she's got problems again.Because of the incident, as explained in the post, a Los Angeles woman has sued Lindsay Lohan, claiming 'her behaviour could have caused injury or death'.The woman, Tracie Rice, is seeking ...
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This should get the men watching the UK television programme Hell's Kitchen. Shannon Elizabeth has supposedly been signed up as a contestant.

Shannon Elizabeth was the foreign exchange student in the comedy movie American Pie. She has also ...
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Charley Uchea Fibs While Amy Alexandra Goes Topless

Charley Uchea cleavageOn Monday we wrote that Charley Uchea had been out on the town with someone called Samuel.

On Tuesday the Daily Star said that Samuel was really a 'Chelsea Star' called Harry Worley. Personally I wouldn't call him a star, but there we go. The newspaper went on to write, "They instantly hit it off and pals say they have been inseparable ever since."

I've a feeling that Chelsea Football Club weren't too happy about the publicity as today Harry Worley's management have said, "We understand Harry has met Charley Uchea only once - and that was brief."

Surely Charley hasn't been telling porkies! She really is desperate to nab a footballer.

Amy Alexandra cleavageThe other Big Brother publicity seeker, Amy Alexandra, achieved one of her ambitions today by becoming the Daily Star's Page 3 girl. Amy Alexandra is topless in the tabloid newspaper but the photo looks very 'touched up' - which she no doubt enjoyed.

If you want to see Amy Alexandra nude or Amy Alexandra topless visit these posts:
Amy Alexandra Nude ...
Amy Topless Photo


Adult Star Mia Rose Banned

Mia Rose nudeMia Rose the adult movie star, not to be confused with Mia Rose the singer, has been banned from the role playing game World of Warcraft.

This is a pity because Mia Rose, currently living in Los Angeles, California tucked away in the hills says, "You can find me on various online games including 'WOW' during my spare time." But maybe not at the moment!

She told the website Kotaku of her problem: 'Rose said she was banned after a fellow gamer recognized her on the Mai' Ganis server and mentioned the starlet's site in a barter chat room. About ten minutes later Rose received a message from a GM saying she was suspended.'

One of the films Mia Rose starred in was called War of Whorecraft - obviously not to be confused with World of Warcraft! Mia says, "I love porn! It's probably one of the best things that have happened to me in a long time." That's good news - it means she's still got an interest to keep her occupied!

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Tammy Nyp - Sex Video

For some reason the Tammy Nyp sex video is hot again on Technorati searches, not really sure why.

Note: We'll tell you how to see the ten minute Tammy Nyp video for free at the end of this post (over 18's only).

"So who is Tammy Nyp?" you may ask.

Well she is on Wikipedia. This is her story:

"The Tammy sex video scandal was an incident in Singapore involving a sex video first circulated in mid-February 2006 that turned into an Internet phenomenon. The incident began when a cheerleader and student from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), known only as Tammy, apparently had her mobile phone stolen by a nemesis, and a 10-minute video stored in her phone involving oral sex and intercourse with her boyfriend was uploaded on the Internet.

The video was initially spread obscurely via instant messaging, email and blogs, but eventually made it to the front pages of national newspapers. Shortly after, the video gained international notoriety as many people curiously began searching for it online under the keyword Tammy Nyp, causing the scandal to make it to the first five places in Technorati's top search terms for almost two weeks.

Critics blamed the girl for shooting the video in the first place, while others pointed the finger at the person who uploaded the video. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, has escaped the same level of the criticism thrust upon Tammy, prompting comments questioning some critics' bias. The girl, when interviewed, claimed that she had no intention for fame or being a porn star."

As for why Tammy Nyp is now being searched for in great numbers again is unknown.

To see the Tammy NYP video click here. Warning: It is very explicit and you must be over 18 to view.

Charley Uchea Out On The Town And Back In The News

Charley UcheaIs life turning out as expected for Charley Uchea? Well she's managed to get some publicity today in the Daily Star.

The Star reckons that comedian / actor David Walliams fancies Charley Uchea and 'had begged her to go on a date with him.' They continue with the story by saying, 'The pair are set for a romantic night together as soon as they find space in their diaries.' Yea right!

Charley was out on the town in a short mini-dress (obviously!) with a new boyfriend - a glum looking guy called Samuel.

Samuel? But isn't Charley Uchea the one who boasted of footballers, celebs and the like. Wonder what Sam thinks of David Walliams going out with her?

The bash was held at the Embassy Club and other celeb's attending included Danielle Lloyd and ... and well no one too well known. And Danielle pops up anywhere where there may just be some photographers.

Perhaps Charley Uchea isn't going to be quite the shining star she envisaged.

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What Amy Alexandra Wants To Do With Liam!

Amy Alexandra Big BrotherAmy Alexandra - we had nude photos of her yesterday - has been interviewed by the Daily Star following her eviction from the Big Brother house.

The headline of the Amy Alexandra interview was: 'BIG boy Liam gets me hot'.

According to the story Amy reckons she has plans to whisk 'hunky' Liam McGough off to a hotel room for nookie as soon as he leaves the house. She said, "We had a great time in the house but I want to finish what we started."

So what did they start? This is how Amy Alexandra says they got on, "It was so hard because we would be kissing and cuddling and then it would all get a bit heated and we would force ourselves to stop."

She continued, "I could tell that Liam is no novice and knows what he was doing. His hands would wander up to my breasts and he would start feeling them and he kept pushing his willy into my thigh. It was obvious that we both wanted to go all the way."

Amy insists though that she is not a tart: "Because of my job people get the wrong idea about me. Yes I do like sex but most people do. I have only slept with 11 guys."

Perhaps you should have stayed awake Amy!

Scroll down page to see Amy Alexandra nude and topless photos.

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Amy Alexandra Nude And Evicted From Big Brother

Warning: Photos of Amy Alexandra Nude. Please move on if this may offend.

Amy Alexandra in BBAs predicted Amy Alexandra was evicted from the Big Brother house last night. At the moment though she's still in the media and on the front of some of the tabloids.

Amy Alexandra admits that she only went into the house to promote herself so Carole and Tracey were spot on. This is what Amy said, "I went on BB hoping to make a name for myself because I'd love to do more TV presenting and, of course, modelling. I just hope that I don't get booed in the street now. I was made out to be a real bitch and a villain who stabbed the rest in the back. That wasn't fair." You make your own bed, Amy!

Amy AlexandraOkay here are a few photos of Amy Alexandra nude. They also show the differing faces and looks of Amy from BB brunette to acting as a blond lesbian and 'model'. And also she looks contented with Liam! She insists that she genuinely fancied him.

Amy Alexandra With Liam
Amy Alexandra with Liam
Amy Alexandra Nude In Lesbian Scene
Amy Alexandra
Amy Alexandra Topless Modelling
Amy Alexandra


Amy Alexandra Latest Big Brother Photos

Amy Alexandra posing on BBIs the search engine's favourite UK Big Brother housemate, Amy Alexandra, about to get booted out of the house tonight? The bookies are pretty certain she'll be evicted with odds as high as 1/20.

The buzz is that, if she goes, Amy Alexandra will be replaced with Chanelle Hayes. The program makers are obviously desperate to get some glamour back into the house. Carole and Tracey just aren't turning the men on!

Amy Alexandra in pink bikiniAmy Alexandra is trying to do everything to stay in the house. She's even been flirting again with Liam who said, "I just want to eat, drink and have sex."

Chanelle Hayes has written today, "And as for all the talk that I am going back in, just brace yourselves." So is that a yes or a no!

Big Brother is on tonight at 8.30 pm (UK time).

Amy Alexandra Sun Bathing
Amy Alexandra sunbathing pink bikini

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Amy Alexandra Will Run Naked And Have Sex

Amy AlexandraYou have to smile at Big Brother and the twisted logic that housemates like Amy Alexandra have.

Amy Alexandra has said, "I've been made out to look a complete scheming whore. They think I'm a slut - that's my job. I've come across this so many times in my life."

This was part of Amy's response after seeing who had nominated her to be evicted and what they had actually said. The housemates up for eviction got to see the nominations on screen.

She wasn't happy! Especially over Carole and Tracey's remarks.

Amy said in a conversation to Brian Belo, "They think I'm a gold digging slut, so I might as well start acting like one. Carole and Tracey can't get past my boobs and my job title. For two people who claim to be so open minded I think they are quite narrow minded."

She continued by saying, "Well now I'm up I know what to do, run round naked and have as much sex as I can while I'm here."

So she doesn't like it that Carole and Tracey think she's a slut and whore so ... she's going to prove them right! See - twisted logic.

Well it could be interesting. There must be a lot of male BB viewers who are interested in seeing a lot more of Amy Alexandra.

There are Amy Alexandra topless photos here, here, here and here.

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Chanelle Hayes - Could She Return If Amy Alexandra Is Evicted?

Chanelle Hayes lingerieSurely not. The Daily Star newspaper reports today that Chanelle Hayes may return to the UK Big Brother House. Yes, but she left of her own accord. Why should she be allowed back - and warrant a crack at the prize money?

Why? Television ratings, of course! It seems there are BB viewers that are 'desperate' to see Chanelle Hayes back as a housemate.

Maybe the programme makers are worried that Amy Alexandra could be evicted on Friday. If she was the glamour would be gone. Yes there are still the twins but they are not in the Chanelle or Amy league for grabbing the headlines.

There is an Amy Alexandra topless photo below.

If the newspaper is correct just imagine how Ziggy would react to Chanelle's return. Guess it would be interesting.

As for Amy Alexandra she's on Television X again tonight flaunting her boobs - pre-recorded, of course - Sky channel 903 at 10 pm UK time.

Amy Alexandra topless
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Pauline James To Star As Lindsay Lohan In Porn Movie

Pauline James Lindsay Lohan is to feature in a porn film - well, sort of. SexZ, who make very naughty films, are to release a porn comedy based on the exploits of Lindsay Lohan. It's got the catchy title of Lindsay Hohand: Get Out Of My F*****g Way.

Paulina James, that's her photo on the left, is to star.

Pauline James said, "I have a number of big projects in the works but this movie seemed like so much fun and with all of the trouble that Lindsay has been getting into lately, I jumped at the chance."

The synopsis for the movie says, "Movie actress and pop princess Lindsay HoHand is a sexy mess and can't seem to stop getting into trouble. The gorgeous twenty year-old loves to party and get f****d whenever she can and all of Hollywood knows she's a fun date. Her sweet smile and innocent face hide the fact that she's addicted to sex and will do anything to get ..." Sorry, we couldn't really print the rest as it's too explicit.

Wonder what Lindsay Lohan will think of the movie? Will she recognise herself?


Amy Alexandra Topless Photos

Amy Alexandra toplessEven Gerry was impressed with Amy Alexandra topless. He told Ziggy, "Amy's breasts are wonderful. Usually I don't like women exposing themselves full frontal. But I did like hers, maybe I'm turning straight."

Liam has ended his short 'romance' with Amy Alexandra. So have Amy's plans gone haywire now in the Big Brother house? Of course, she still has her special weapons 'GoodyGoody' and 'NaughtyNaughty', as she calls her boobs, to keep everyone interested.

There seems to be a lot of interest in Amy Alexandra topless so here are some more photos.

Amy Alexandra topless
Amy Alexandra boobs
Further photos of Amy Alexandra topless here and here.

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Elizabeth Perkins Nude!

Elizabeth Perkins has been explaining why she posed nude for Allure magazine last year. She says, "They wanted to show that a woman my age can still look like this."

Elizabeth Perkins is 46, and was born November 18th, 1960 in Queens, New York. She is a film, television and theatre actress and has four children.

And here is a photo of Elizabeth Perkins nude!
Elizabeth Perkins nude
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Shanessa Evicted But We Have Amy Alexandra Topless

That's a relief Shanessa Reilly has been evicted from the UK Big Brother house so no more of her topless lap dancing. Also eliminated was David, the well hyphened, Hamilton-Parnaby.

The BB program makers were no doubt quite happy with the outcome. They've got the Amy Alexandra / Liam McGough so called relationship to look forward to. They've had another romantic session while other housemates snoozed.

Liam said to Amy, "You are a turbo babe. A total turbo babe." He did confess though that, "I do like the chase with girls."

Amy Alexandra replied, "You like the chase? I guess I gave up a bit easily then, hey?"

Amy? Easy? Who would have thought that! She's out to make a name for herself and follow her 'heroine' Katie Price ex-Jordan. Here's an Amy Alexandra topless photo from her blondie days before she changed her hair to go into BB. So who do you prefer Shanessa or Amy? No need to answer as it's obvious.

Amy Alexandra topless


Amy Alexandra And Her Bikini Move Into The Main BB House

Amy Alexandra holding boobsAs we said would happen yesterday Amy Alexandra has become a full Big Brother housemate. This will be seen on tonight's highlight BB television programme at 9 p.m. (UK time).

Amy Alexandra is 'hot' at the moment and there was no way the BB producers could let her get evicted this quickly. Even more so now because of her liaison with Liam McGough - see the photo of Amy and Liam in bed together below.

As one of the BB staff said, "It will be interesting to see how Liam and Amy's relationship develops now that they are in the safety of the main house."

Amy Alexandra in bikiniThere will be more entertainment value from Amy and Liam together than the likes of Kara-Louise, David and the awful Shanessa Reilly.

We'll have to wait and see how the Amy / Liam thing spans out. A little bit of lovin' could see them ending up winners in more ways than one.

Amy and Liam In Bed
Amy Alexandra and Liam in bed


Amy Alexandra Sunbathing In A Bikini

We said yesterday that there could be still a way into the Big Brother house for Amy Alexandra and this seems to be the case. There will be two chances from the Halfway House to become permanent contestants and Amy must be a favourite. No doubt the BB producers will feature her favourably in the nightly programmes from the house.

Ziggy Lichman has already been eyeing up Amy Alexandra. And you can see why judging from the latest BB photo below of her and Jonty sunbathing.

Amy Alexandra bikini
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