Amy Alexandra Nude And Evicted From Big Brother

Warning: Photos of Amy Alexandra Nude. Please move on if this may offend.

Amy Alexandra in BBAs predicted Amy Alexandra was evicted from the Big Brother house last night. At the moment though she's still in the media and on the front of some of the tabloids.

Amy Alexandra admits that she only went into the house to promote herself so Carole and Tracey were spot on. This is what Amy said, "I went on BB hoping to make a name for myself because I'd love to do more TV presenting and, of course, modelling. I just hope that I don't get booed in the street now. I was made out to be a real bitch and a villain who stabbed the rest in the back. That wasn't fair." You make your own bed, Amy!

Amy AlexandraOkay here are a few photos of Amy Alexandra nude. They also show the differing faces and looks of Amy from BB brunette to acting as a blond lesbian and 'model'. And also she looks contented with Liam! She insists that she genuinely fancied him.

Amy Alexandra With Liam
Amy Alexandra with Liam
Amy Alexandra Nude In Lesbian Scene
Amy Alexandra
Amy Alexandra Topless Modelling
Amy Alexandra