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Oh Johanna Cardona!
The sizzling hot searches on the Internet are for a previously unknown Columbian television, channel TB3, presenter Johanna Cardona.Why? Well it's a familiar story following in the likes of Noelia and Paris Hilton. Johanna Cardona has been captured on video doing extremely naughty things with an ex-boyfriend called Oscar Crespo. The couple split up so it ...
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Johanna (Johana) Cardonas Video Hits The News

Extended Spice Girls Tour
The Spice Girls have added another town to their reunion tour. The 'lucky' winner is Toronto. There was a Spice City vote to see where the extra date would be. Other contenders included: Rio, Chicago, Melbourne, Manchester ...
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Spice Girls Heading For Toronto

Eddie Owns Up
Further to our previous post Eddie Murphy has now admitted that he is the father of Melanie Brown's baby, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Eddie Murphy's publicist said that Murphy will, "always has and will continue to honour his responsibilities as a father."Regarding Melanie Brown's claims that, "As soon as I had my IUD removed we ...
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Eddie Murphy Admits Paternity To Melanie Brown's Baby