Brian Belo Gets It All With Cosmic Ordering

Brian Belo said last night on Big Brother that his success on the show was because of Noel Edmonds and Cosmic Ordering.

Cosmic Ordering is a system whereby you ask the 'Universe' for what you want and your wishes then come true.

This has been adapted for the Internet on a blog called eCosmic . It gives full instructions of what to do to get the things that you want from life (no catch - nothing to pay). See what you think. Who knows perhaps you will be on the next Big Brother!

Brian Belo says he asked the Universe for three things ...

(1) To have a great adventure
(2) To meet a great girl
(3) To get a job

... and they have all come true!

Tonight is the final of the UK Big Brother with Amanda and Sam Marchant hot favourites to win with Brian, perhaps, in second place.