Laure Manaudou Nude Photos

These are nude photos of the French Olympic gold medallist swimmer Laure Manaudou. They have recently been posted on the Internet and were taken during her relationship with another swimmer Luca Marin. He denies publishing the photos - but they were first seen following the couple's split.

Laure Manaudou Nude Photos
Laure Manaudou nude
Laure Manaudou naked
Laure Manaudou nude picture
Laure Manaudou showing her distinctive tattoo
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Topless Celebrities

As it's chilly here in the UK here are three celebs on the beach, in the sunshine and wearing very little.

First is Kerry Katona topless on the beach

Kerry Katona Topless

Second is Kate Lawler having a swim but in danger of losing her bikini bottoms.

Kate Lawler

And third is Rebecca Gayheart topless.

Rebecca Gayheart Topless

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Nude Magic Show By Ursula Martinez

The following video is for adults only and shows Ursula Martinez performing a rude magic trick that ends up with her being nude.


Koo Stark Nude

It is rumoured that Koo Stark may be about to appear as a contestant in the UK reality show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Koo Stark was famous in the 80's as being the lover of Prince Andrew. This caused controversy because she had appeared in erotic films in the 70's. The most well known being Emily which featured a shower scene with another woman.

Below are photo stills of Koo from her early films, no doubt considered tame by todays standards.

Koo Stark topless
Koo Stark nude
Koo Stark shower scene from Emily


Chanelle Hayes Poses Nearly Nude To Show Ziggy What He's Missing

Chanelle Hayes and PVCIt seems that Chanelle Hayes and Ziggy Lichman have had one argument too many and have decided to split up - amicably, well sort of.

Chanelle wanted something serious - marriage, commitment and all of that but Ziggy wanted to bide his time. Such is life.

Here are a couple of photos of Chanelle to remind Ziggy of what he is now missing.

Strictly over 18 only

Chanelle Hayes stripped


Billie Piper Topless Candid Photo

Billie Piper has been a big success in the UK television series Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. Here is a candid photos showing her topless. Read and see more about Billie Piper at Celebrity Insider

Billie Piper Topless


Victoria Schattauer And The Goshen Cheerleader

Below is the photo that caused the rumpus in Goshen, Ohio. The photo is of a Goshen cheerleader and her coach.

The story is that there was a party and coach, Victoria Schattauer, had her photo taken with one of the cheerleaders. It is reported that assistant coach, Andrew Emerson, and Victoria Schattauer have been asked to leave.

Victoria Schattauer and cheerleaderKindly note: We have been advised to delete the section of the photo above which includes the cheerleader - apologies! Below is Victoria Schattauer.

Victoria Schattauer
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Amy Fisher Nude From Her Video

Amy Fisher is very much in the news, full story here. Briefly she's been caught on video 'performing' - another sex tape scandal in other words.

We have obtained the stills below from the Amy Fisher video:

Amy Fisher Nude Photos From Her Sex Tape


Gemma Atkinson Tipped For I'm A Celebrity

Gemma Atkinson is being tipped as one of the contestants on the next I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here which starts on November 12th. You can read all of the gossip and news on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here


Pilar Pacheco Nude

The photo below is hot news in Spain because the girl, Pilar Pacheco, is a soldier in the Spanish Army! It's got the military a little hot under the collar, to say the least. Pilar Pacheco was the cover girl for a Spanish magazine. More of the story and other photos here.

Pilar Pacheco nude


Lucy Pinder Topless.

Girl of the day is Lucy Pinder. You can see more photos, and a video of Lucy here.

Lucy Pinder Topless
Lucy Pinder topless
Lucy Pinder
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Topless Melinda Messenger Filming New BBC Series

Melinda Messenger hasn't been on the scene for a while but she is now filming a new series of BBC1's To Buy Or Not To Buy. She is the Swindon sexpot who says she has no regrets over her topless photos even though it did cause a rift between her and her mother for several years.

Below are topless Melinda Messenger photos:

Melinda Messenger topless

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Elin Nordegren Nude And Naked

Tiger Wood's wife, Elin Nordegren, has been voted the World'd Hottest WAG. WAGs are the sporting 'other halves' (Wives And Girlfriends) of famous sports stars. As Elin is top of the list we thought we'd bring you a few photos to show you why. The top photo, is Elin Nordegren nude, but Tiger reckons it's not his wife - whatever!

Elin Nordegren Nude

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Gemma Atkinson And Ronaldo's Hookers

Model Gemma Atkinson has been talking about her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. It all ended when she discovered that he was sleeping with hookers.

Gemma Atkinson said, "I did go out with Cristiano, but it all ended when he was caught with prostitutes. Neither did he dump me, nor did I dump him – it just sort of ended. Now I’m seeing someone else, who is semi-famous."

Gemma Atkinson

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Mariana Seoane Poses Nude!

Back in August Mexican actress Mariana Seoane posed in some sexy photos for H Magazine and at the time she said that she 'might' pose for some nude photos. Well now she has!

Below are nude Mariana Seoane photos as posed in H Extremo magazine.

Mariana Seoane Nude
Mariana Seoane nude
Mariana Seoane naked
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Jamie Lee Curtis Top Striptease

Jamie Lee Curtis is the number one stripper! She has been voted as doing the sexiest screen striptease of all time. Movie fans voted her strip in True Lies above Kim Basinger's antics in 9 1/2 Weeks and Salma Hayek in From Dusk To Dawn.

Jamie Lee Curtis, now 48, must be well chuffed with herself.

Jamie Lee Curtis Striptease
Jamie Lee Curtis striptease
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Kelly Brook Topless

Favourite of the Strictly Come Dancing television show, Kelly Brook, has been voted as having the most perfect body. To emphasise the point her are snatched photos of Kelly Brook topless on the beach.

Kelly Brook Topless

Bianca Gascoigne Boob Job

Bianca Gascoigne is going under the knife today. She's having a boob job. Guess it's what all of the aspiring celebs think they have to do. But Bianca looks okay already.

Bianca Gascoigne In A Bikini
Bianca Gascoigne bikini
Bianca Gascoigne cleavage
Bianca Gascoigne cleavage


Leah Newman And Wife Swap

The model Leah Newman, wife of Neil Ruddock, swaps partners in tonight's Channel 4 television programme Celebrity Wife Swap. They 'swap' with gay couple Pete Burns and his partner. Not excactly what 'Razor' Ruddock would have wanted!

As a pre-view to the programme here are topless photos of Leah Newman - doing what she does best.

Leah Newman topless

Leah Newman Posing

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Amy McCarthy Nude

The 2005 Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month, Amy McCarthy, is planning to get married next year to Dan Hinote.

To show readers how lucky Dan Hinote is, here are a few nude photos of Amy McCarthy.

Amy McCarthy Nude
Amy McCarthy nude
Amy McCarthy naked
Amy McCarthy picture


Valentina Vaughn Number One Trend

Valentine Vaughn photo This is Valentina Vaughn who at the moment is the number one search on Google.

Valentina Vaughn is a 24 year old model and a previous Penthouse Pet.

You can catch more of her on My Space or her website.

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Danielle Bux Photos

There has been some publicity about Gary Lineker's new girlfriend Danielle Bux.

Danielle Bux has been seen recently near Gary's home in Surrey. So here are a couple of photos plus her stats: height: 5'6", bust: 32 C, hips: 32", waist: 25", dress: size 8, shoe: size 4. She has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Danielle Bux Gary Lineker's Girlfriend
Danielle Bux
Danielle Bux Sexy Pose
Danielle Bux lingerie pose


Amy Alexandra Nude Again!

We've had requests for more photos of Amy Alexandra. So here is a new Amy Alexandra topless photo. For more info on Amy's nude and topless photos got to the Saucy Amy Alexandra Source

Amy Alexandra Topless
Amy Alexandra naked

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