Pauline James To Star As Lindsay Lohan In Porn Movie

Pauline James Lindsay Lohan is to feature in a porn film - well, sort of. SexZ, who make very naughty films, are to release a porn comedy based on the exploits of Lindsay Lohan. It's got the catchy title of Lindsay Hohand: Get Out Of My F*****g Way.

Paulina James, that's her photo on the left, is to star.

Pauline James said, "I have a number of big projects in the works but this movie seemed like so much fun and with all of the trouble that Lindsay has been getting into lately, I jumped at the chance."

The synopsis for the movie says, "Movie actress and pop princess Lindsay HoHand is a sexy mess and can't seem to stop getting into trouble. The gorgeous twenty year-old loves to party and get f****d whenever she can and all of Hollywood knows she's a fun date. Her sweet smile and innocent face hide the fact that she's addicted to sex and will do anything to get ..." Sorry, we couldn't really print the rest as it's too explicit.

Wonder what Lindsay Lohan will think of the movie? Will she recognise herself?