Charley Uchea Fibs While Amy Alexandra Goes Topless

Charley Uchea cleavageOn Monday we wrote that Charley Uchea had been out on the town with someone called Samuel.

On Tuesday the Daily Star said that Samuel was really a 'Chelsea Star' called Harry Worley. Personally I wouldn't call him a star, but there we go. The newspaper went on to write, "They instantly hit it off and pals say they have been inseparable ever since."

I've a feeling that Chelsea Football Club weren't too happy about the publicity as today Harry Worley's management have said, "We understand Harry has met Charley Uchea only once - and that was brief."

Surely Charley hasn't been telling porkies! She really is desperate to nab a footballer.

Amy Alexandra cleavageThe other Big Brother publicity seeker, Amy Alexandra, achieved one of her ambitions today by becoming the Daily Star's Page 3 girl. Amy Alexandra is topless in the tabloid newspaper but the photo looks very 'touched up' - which she no doubt enjoyed.

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