Amy Alexandra And Her Bikini Move Into The Main BB House

Amy Alexandra holding boobsAs we said would happen yesterday Amy Alexandra has become a full Big Brother housemate. This will be seen on tonight's highlight BB television programme at 9 p.m. (UK time).

Amy Alexandra is 'hot' at the moment and there was no way the BB producers could let her get evicted this quickly. Even more so now because of her liaison with Liam McGough - see the photo of Amy and Liam in bed together below.

As one of the BB staff said, "It will be interesting to see how Liam and Amy's relationship develops now that they are in the safety of the main house."

Amy Alexandra in bikiniThere will be more entertainment value from Amy and Liam together than the likes of Kara-Louise, David and the awful Shanessa Reilly.

We'll have to wait and see how the Amy / Liam thing spans out. A little bit of lovin' could see them ending up winners in more ways than one.

Amy and Liam In Bed
Amy Alexandra and Liam in bed