Leah Newman And Wife Swap

The model Leah Newman, wife of Neil Ruddock, swaps partners in tonight's Channel 4 television programme Celebrity Wife Swap. They 'swap' with gay couple Pete Burns and his partner. Not excactly what 'Razor' Ruddock would have wanted!

As a pre-view to the programme here are topless photos of Leah Newman - doing what she does best.

Leah Newman topless

Leah Newman Posing

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Amy McCarthy Nude

The 2005 Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month, Amy McCarthy, is planning to get married next year to Dan Hinote.

To show readers how lucky Dan Hinote is, here are a few nude photos of Amy McCarthy.

Amy McCarthy Nude
Amy McCarthy nude
Amy McCarthy naked
Amy McCarthy picture


Valentina Vaughn Number One Trend

Valentine Vaughn photo This is Valentina Vaughn who at the moment is the number one search on Google.

Valentina Vaughn is a 24 year old model and a previous Penthouse Pet.

You can catch more of her on My Space or her website.

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Danielle Bux Photos

There has been some publicity about Gary Lineker's new girlfriend Danielle Bux.

Danielle Bux has been seen recently near Gary's home in Surrey. So here are a couple of photos plus her stats: height: 5'6", bust: 32 C, hips: 32", waist: 25", dress: size 8, shoe: size 4. She has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Danielle Bux Gary Lineker's Girlfriend
Danielle Bux
Danielle Bux Sexy Pose
Danielle Bux lingerie pose


Amy Alexandra Nude Again!

We've had requests for more photos of Amy Alexandra. So here is a new Amy Alexandra topless photo. For more info on Amy's nude and topless photos got to the Saucy Amy Alexandra Source

Amy Alexandra Topless
Amy Alexandra naked

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Adele Silva Hot For Hell's Kitchen Final

The UK reality show, Hell's Kitchen, is down to the last two and they are Barry McGuigan and Emmerdale's Adele Silva. Bookies favourite is Adele so this gives a good excuse to show two more of her photos!

Adele Silva in a thong
Adele Silva in a thong
Adele Silva and Barry will battle it out on Monday’s live final for the coveted Hell’s Kitchen title.

Adele Silva
Adele Silva in lingerie
See Adele Silva nude here


Will Kelly Brook's Cleavage Influence Voters?

Kelly brook cleavageKelly Brook has got Brendan Cole in a state and that's before the new Strictly Come Dancing has got going properly. He did admit, "I'm really impressed with Kelly because she really wants to learn. I think she's brilliant."

Other celebrities on this years show, besides Kelly Brook are: Stephanie Beacham, Lelita Dean, Alesha Dixon, Kate Garraway, Penny Lancaster, Gabby and Kenny Logan, John Barnes, Brian Capron, Matt Di Angelo, Gethin Jones, Dominic Littlewood and finally Willie Torn.

So what do you reckon will Kelly Brook's cleavage influence voters?


Adele Silva Nude

In the UK we are now seeing Adele Silva in the Hell's Kitchen television programme. There she is in her cook's outfit and well covered. For her many admirers here are two photos of Adele wearing much less. In fact there is one picture of Adele Silva nude.

Adele Silva Nude

Adele Silva In A Bikini

Adele has been telling of how glad she is that comedian Jim Davidson has been kicked off the show.

She said about some of Jim's remarks, "I just had to take some really deep breaths because I thought I'm either going to go one way and punch him in the face or I'm going to go the other way and cry. Now he's gone I won't have to suffer that sort of abuse again."


Photo Of Madonna With Her Sex Toy

Madonna with sex toyWell we now know what extras Madonna likes when she's in the mood for loving.

Last night she was at Claridges hotel for her husband's 39th birthday bash. On leaving afterwards, with Guy Ritchie, she was carrying a transparent bag and inside was a Purple Penetrator!

This is a strap-on sex toy. It costs about £30 from the Ann Summers chain of shops and this is how they describe it:

'Strap it on and slip it in!! 6" dildo with adjustable waist and back strap to fit all sizes. Comes with perfectly positioned vibrating bullett to give the wearer clitoral stimulation whilst pleasuring her mate! Fitted with multispeed battery box, just adjust the vibration to suit, and then clip to the waistband for total hands free pleasure.'

As one of the party guests remarked, "Maybe Madonna just wanted to ram home the point that she is the boss in the relationship!"


Britney Spears In A Bikini Flop

Britney Spears MTV Bikini The awaited Britney Spears comeback fell a little flat at the MTV Video Music Awards yesterday. There was much criticism of her performance and the fact that she mimed to her new single, Gimme More, and dressed as a stripper.

She did her bit wearing knee high boots and a bikini and was far from her best.

Perez Hilton summed it up, "She blew it. Everybody knows Britney lip-syncs, but that's because she dances so much. She barely even danced in this. It was so bad. It was painful. It was embarrassing."

Also at the show two ex-husbands of Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, had to be parted by security men after they clashed.

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Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo

There has been a lot of interest in Vanessa Hudgens since her nude photo started being circulated on the Internet. We have had requests as to whether we have access to the photo - so here is 'that' Vanessa Hudgens nude photo:

Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo


Chanelle Is A Winner And Carole A Loser

It's said that Chanelle Hayes will go on to make over £1.5 million following her stint in Big Brother. On the other hand Carole Vincent, another housemate, is on the dole.

Carolee says she's skint and lost out on £3000 worth of benefits while in the house.

Meanwhile, Chanelle says she's been given a car! A black convertible Audi TT from a company in Leeds. Very nice too. Chanelle Hayes said, "I can't believe it's mine, I've had a couple of lessons to show me how to drive it because it's an automatic and I'm only used to a manual car. I'm so lucky to have something like this. I can't wait to hit the roads." Hit in a nice way, we hope.

In Big Brother, as in life, there are winners and losers.


Sam and Amanda To Release Single Barbie Girl

Sam and Amanda bikiniSam and Amanda Marchant are to release a single! The CD is scheduled to be released on September 17th and will be their version of the Aqua hit Barbie Girl.

Sam said, "I can't quite believe that we are about to record our first ever single. It's dead funny."

Amanda added, "We had so much fun recording. I can't believe we were in the same studios where people like Atomic Kitten and Kylie have worked. It's dead good."

Dead funny or dead good - either way it is reckoned the two Big Brother twins could be on their way to their first £1 million. It's a crazy world. It really is 'twincredible'.


George Clooney's Girlfriend Sarah Larson

Sarah LarsonAn interesting article from Celebrity Insider:

"There has been much speculation about Sarah Larson who is George Clooney's new girlfriend. She has been described as an actress and model but there is no real information about her on record.

Have we at Celebrity Insider stumbled upon the real Sarah Larson ..."

Read full story:
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Chanelle Hayes And Ziggy Get Jiggy

Chanelle Hayes and Ziggy In BedIt's reported that Ziggy Lichman and Chanelle Hayes have finally got it together in a Biblical sense. They have had a 'passionate reunion' in a four post bed in a five star hotel.

Chanelle said, "It was a magical night being together outside the Big brother house. But we kept thinking someone was going to interrupt us and call us into the Diary Room at any minute."

Believe that, and you'll believe anything - about worrying about the Diary Room that is.

Ziggy said of his night, "Let's just say I am a very happy man. We had an amazing night together. We didn't get much sleep."

He went on to say, "There was lots of kissing. It was very passionate. Put it this way - we didn't get to sleep until about 3 am."

About the relationship Chanelle Hayes commented, "We are going to take one day at a time. We are not rushing anything. But put it this way - I am absolutely smitten."

Nice to know Chanelle has been well smitten but still had time to pose for the photo. Bet Charley Uchea is happy for them!


Tyese Cunningham Fired After Christiano Ronaldo Sex Story

Tyese CunninghamChristiano Ronaldo has been a naughty boy if reports are true. He and two other footballers are claimed to have 'hired' call girls Tyese Cunningham, Gemma Storey and Juliana Baltrisch for a 'sex fest' at Christiano's home. It is said they paid out £2900 for their services.

Tyese Cunningham, 18, claims she plunged naked into the swimming pool and put on a lesbian show with Gema Storey. And Juliana Baltrisch reckons she was so smitten she left her bra and knickers behind at Christiano's house!

Not everything has worked out as expected for Tyese. She has been fired by escort agency McKenzies for telling a newspaper about her four hour session with Christian Ronaldo and team mates Nani and Anderson.

A spokesman for the agency told the Daily Record, "Tyese is no longer on my books. She has been sacked for breach of contract."

About her time spent with Christiano Ronaldo Tyese supposedly said, "They made me feel cheap. I've slept with about 200 clients and I've never been treated with such little respect."

She went on to say, "I thought having sex with Manchester United stars would be like a dream come true. But now I realise being a WAG is not all it's cracked up to be."

Such is life!


Vida Guerra And The Sleazy Proposal

A Los Angeles traffic officer, L Salgado, has been suspended and may get dismissed after he offered to reduce model Vida Guerra's parking fine. He asked for some naked pictures or photos of her in exchange. You can see a brief video of the officer talking about this here.

L Salgado said, "You got a naked picture of her? We make the price stay right."

He then added, "Take some pictures back to the station - naked pictures, man. The price will be cut. May be worth it."

Vida Guerra rejected the offer and took the fine instead. She said, "It was inappropriate for the officer to say he would remove the ticket in return for naked photos. It was very sleazy."

The Cuban born model is famous for her bottom which is supposedly insured for a million dollars.

The photo below is from her official website Vida's World

Vida Guerra - and Her Bottom!


Big Brother Result Plus Amy Alexandra Topless

Well the bookmakers got it wrong and last night Brian Belo - with the help of Cosmic Ordering - went on to with Big Brother 8. See yesterday's post.

The favourites, Amanda and Sam Marchant, came in second with Liam third.

Who though will be the long term winners? Amy Alexandra seems to be doing okay with her photos everywhere. She's also very popular on the Internet.

Amy Alexandra toplessAmy Alexandra said, "I'm still modelling, but I've had a lot more offers since Big Brother, I'm really busy."

We have links to more info on Amy together with her nude photos here.

It looks as if Chanelle Hayes will do okay. It's rumoured that she's heading for another reality show to be called Vanity Lair. She has also been paid by a national newspaper for pics and reckons there are talks about a television show.

Charley Uchea! Well you can't ignore her. She's appeared on a couple of television shows but was mainly the buck of other people's jokes.

And the rest will disappear from our screens.

Chanelle Hayes
Chanelle Hayes lingerie