Vida Guerra And The Sleazy Proposal

A Los Angeles traffic officer, L Salgado, has been suspended and may get dismissed after he offered to reduce model Vida Guerra's parking fine. He asked for some naked pictures or photos of her in exchange. You can see a brief video of the officer talking about this here.

L Salgado said, "You got a naked picture of her? We make the price stay right."

He then added, "Take some pictures back to the station - naked pictures, man. The price will be cut. May be worth it."

Vida Guerra rejected the offer and took the fine instead. She said, "It was inappropriate for the officer to say he would remove the ticket in return for naked photos. It was very sleazy."

The Cuban born model is famous for her bottom which is supposedly insured for a million dollars.

The photo below is from her official website Vida's World

Vida Guerra - and Her Bottom!