Chanelle Is A Winner And Carole A Loser

It's said that Chanelle Hayes will go on to make over £1.5 million following her stint in Big Brother. On the other hand Carole Vincent, another housemate, is on the dole.

Carolee says she's skint and lost out on £3000 worth of benefits while in the house.

Meanwhile, Chanelle says she's been given a car! A black convertible Audi TT from a company in Leeds. Very nice too. Chanelle Hayes said, "I can't believe it's mine, I've had a couple of lessons to show me how to drive it because it's an automatic and I'm only used to a manual car. I'm so lucky to have something like this. I can't wait to hit the roads." Hit in a nice way, we hope.

In Big Brother, as in life, there are winners and losers.