Chanelle Hayes And Ziggy Get Jiggy

Chanelle Hayes and Ziggy In BedIt's reported that Ziggy Lichman and Chanelle Hayes have finally got it together in a Biblical sense. They have had a 'passionate reunion' in a four post bed in a five star hotel.

Chanelle said, "It was a magical night being together outside the Big brother house. But we kept thinking someone was going to interrupt us and call us into the Diary Room at any minute."

Believe that, and you'll believe anything - about worrying about the Diary Room that is.

Ziggy said of his night, "Let's just say I am a very happy man. We had an amazing night together. We didn't get much sleep."

He went on to say, "There was lots of kissing. It was very passionate. Put it this way - we didn't get to sleep until about 3 am."

About the relationship Chanelle Hayes commented, "We are going to take one day at a time. We are not rushing anything. But put it this way - I am absolutely smitten."

Nice to know Chanelle has been well smitten but still had time to pose for the photo. Bet Charley Uchea is happy for them!