Charley Uchea Out On The Town And Back In The News

Charley UcheaIs life turning out as expected for Charley Uchea? Well she's managed to get some publicity today in the Daily Star.

The Star reckons that comedian / actor David Walliams fancies Charley Uchea and 'had begged her to go on a date with him.' They continue with the story by saying, 'The pair are set for a romantic night together as soon as they find space in their diaries.' Yea right!

Charley was out on the town in a short mini-dress (obviously!) with a new boyfriend - a glum looking guy called Samuel.

Samuel? But isn't Charley Uchea the one who boasted of footballers, celebs and the like. Wonder what Sam thinks of David Walliams going out with her?

The bash was held at the Embassy Club and other celeb's attending included Danielle Lloyd and ... and well no one too well known. And Danielle pops up anywhere where there may just be some photographers.

Perhaps Charley Uchea isn't going to be quite the shining star she envisaged.

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