Amy Alexandra Latest Big Brother Photos

Amy Alexandra posing on BBIs the search engine's favourite UK Big Brother housemate, Amy Alexandra, about to get booted out of the house tonight? The bookies are pretty certain she'll be evicted with odds as high as 1/20.

The buzz is that, if she goes, Amy Alexandra will be replaced with Chanelle Hayes. The program makers are obviously desperate to get some glamour back into the house. Carole and Tracey just aren't turning the men on!

Amy Alexandra in pink bikiniAmy Alexandra is trying to do everything to stay in the house. She's even been flirting again with Liam who said, "I just want to eat, drink and have sex."

Chanelle Hayes has written today, "And as for all the talk that I am going back in, just brace yourselves." So is that a yes or a no!

Big Brother is on tonight at 8.30 pm (UK time).

Amy Alexandra Sun Bathing
Amy Alexandra sunbathing pink bikini

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