Kelly Simpson Turns Dannii Minogue On

Below is a photo of Kelly Simpson the lap dancer who supposedly turned on Dannii Minogue. Kelly is a Welsh model who 'met' Dannii Minogue at The Number 10s Club in Cardiff.

Kelly Simpson Photo
Kelly Simpson
Dannii Minogue paid Kelly Simpson £30 to do a lap dance for her. Kelly said, "It was the first time I'd ever lap danced for a woman, let alone a celebrity. She couldn't keep her eyes off me all night. I think it was a major turn on for both of us."

Kelly described her dance: "As I started she ran her eyes up and down my body all the time. I could see she was enjoying this so then I started to take my top off and expose my boobs."

"There is a club rule that you must not show your bottom half naked but I was able to twist and tease my thong suggestively. She liked that."

Dannii allegedly said to Kelly, "I think you are stunning."

Kelly Simpson is now a model and is will also be seen on television in the reality show Ladette to Lady.

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