Amy Alexandra Will Run Naked And Have Sex

Amy AlexandraYou have to smile at Big Brother and the twisted logic that housemates like Amy Alexandra have.

Amy Alexandra has said, "I've been made out to look a complete scheming whore. They think I'm a slut - that's my job. I've come across this so many times in my life."

This was part of Amy's response after seeing who had nominated her to be evicted and what they had actually said. The housemates up for eviction got to see the nominations on screen.

She wasn't happy! Especially over Carole and Tracey's remarks.

Amy said in a conversation to Brian Belo, "They think I'm a gold digging slut, so I might as well start acting like one. Carole and Tracey can't get past my boobs and my job title. For two people who claim to be so open minded I think they are quite narrow minded."

She continued by saying, "Well now I'm up I know what to do, run round naked and have as much sex as I can while I'm here."

So she doesn't like it that Carole and Tracey think she's a slut and whore so ... she's going to prove them right! See - twisted logic.

Well it could be interesting. There must be a lot of male BB viewers who are interested in seeing a lot more of Amy Alexandra.

There are Amy Alexandra topless photos here, here, here and here.

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