Shanessa Evicted But We Have Amy Alexandra Topless

That's a relief Shanessa Reilly has been evicted from the UK Big Brother house so no more of her topless lap dancing. Also eliminated was David, the well hyphened, Hamilton-Parnaby.

The BB program makers were no doubt quite happy with the outcome. They've got the Amy Alexandra / Liam McGough so called relationship to look forward to. They've had another romantic session while other housemates snoozed.

Liam said to Amy, "You are a turbo babe. A total turbo babe." He did confess though that, "I do like the chase with girls."

Amy Alexandra replied, "You like the chase? I guess I gave up a bit easily then, hey?"

Amy? Easy? Who would have thought that! She's out to make a name for herself and follow her 'heroine' Katie Price ex-Jordan. Here's an Amy Alexandra topless photo from her blondie days before she changed her hair to go into BB. So who do you prefer Shanessa or Amy? No need to answer as it's obvious.

Amy Alexandra topless