Dannii Minogue Lesbian Photos

Dannii MinogueIn a way this is old news but it has resurfaced again. The news being about Dannii Minogue's alleged lesbian romp with a pole dancer named Jupiter.

The action was caught on CCTV at the London club Puss In Boots. Following this first coming to light Dannii's lawyer agreed a settlement for her to own the copyright.

However since Dannii Minogue appeared on the UK X Factor show as one of the four judges she is big news again. Out of the woodwork and on to the Internet have come black and white photos of Dannii and Jupiter in various clinches and kissing.

Below is one of the more respectable Dannii Minogue photos:

Dannii Minogue lesbian photo
As you will see the quality is poor as the photos were taken as stills from the CCTV recording. There is no getting away from it: If celebs want to do naughty things they must make sure there are no cameras about!

When these Dannii photos first come to light another punter at the club is quoted as saying, "Dannii was having the time of her life and didn't care who saw. She wasn't in a private booth or the VIP area, she was on the dance floor. I can't believe how far they went. It was more like a porn film. There were hands and tongues everywhere-I thought it was going to turn into a full-on orgy."

There is talk that this may affect Dannii's appearance on the X Factor. The reality is, of course, that this is good publicity!

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