Chanelle Hayes - Could She Return If Amy Alexandra Is Evicted?

Chanelle Hayes lingerieSurely not. The Daily Star newspaper reports today that Chanelle Hayes may return to the UK Big Brother House. Yes, but she left of her own accord. Why should she be allowed back - and warrant a crack at the prize money?

Why? Television ratings, of course! It seems there are BB viewers that are 'desperate' to see Chanelle Hayes back as a housemate.

Maybe the programme makers are worried that Amy Alexandra could be evicted on Friday. If she was the glamour would be gone. Yes there are still the twins but they are not in the Chanelle or Amy league for grabbing the headlines.

There is an Amy Alexandra topless photo below.

If the newspaper is correct just imagine how Ziggy would react to Chanelle's return. Guess it would be interesting.

As for Amy Alexandra she's on Television X again tonight flaunting her boobs - pre-recorded, of course - Sky channel 903 at 10 pm UK time.

Amy Alexandra topless
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