Janet's Sexy Dressing Makes Janet Nelson News

After the goings on with Myrna Bushell, the Liberal councillor, we now have Janet Nelson, devout churchgoer for 30 years, and someone who sat on the church parochial council.

Janet Nelson's secret is now out. She has been running an X-rated website called Janet's Sexy Dressing. It's now been closed down but our contacts have traced a remaining photo of Janet - click here to view - her photo is top right (at the time of publishing this).

Janet Nelson's website was discovered by one of the church parishioners (obviously on a spiritual mission at the time) who then told the vicar at St.Mary's Church, Ross-on-Wye all about it. Mrs. Nelson, 52, and her husband Nick Nelson have been asked to stand down from all parish groups. They are still, however, welcome at the Church

Today it might be kinky stuff but last year the couple were photographed during a fund raising pilgrimage to Canterbury. It's a funny old world.