Councillor Myrna Bushell Is Also A Stripper!

Such goings on in rural Devon, England. The local Liberal Democrat councillor, Myrna Bushell, does a bit of extra work on the side. The married councillor, when using her professional name of Jessica, will also do a strip show for £160 ($320), a kissogram for £86 ($170) and a (full) stripogram for £125 ($250).

The other councillors have got their knickers in a twist about Myrna Bushell, so much so that three of them have walked out. Well, what they are going to do is now sit as Independents. In a statement they said, "It is with greatest regret that we have decided to resign as members of the Liberal Democrat Party."

Myrna Bushell says, "I've got to earn a living somehow. The reason I do it is to pay my bills and be able to spend quality time with my family."

If you want to book Myrna, sorry Jessica, take a look here at her webpage.